Concrete Thresholds

Old World Stone, Oak, & Concrete Thresholds are now something you can enjoy at your doorstep.

Grueter Construction introduces life-time concrete thresholds. Handsome in a variety of finishes and colors. Our proprietary concrete at 6,000 lbs. per square inch is 3,000 PSI stronger than sidewalk concrete. Unlike wood, there is no rot, split, warp, impervious to water or dog chewing. With an old world look I adapted from replicating the thresholds on the Craftsman homes and mansions along Pasadena’s Arroyo while remodeling these homes and adding doors that must look like the other doors in the home. In most cases we can have you walking on your new threshold in 8 hours. Call for a quote on your custom fit, color, and finish threshold.

We also offer stone, oak, and high grade aluminum.

2. Forms ar ready to pour concrete, setting up tarps, and protection.

3. Steel is handy to put in wet cement and you can see keeper screws in place.

4. First layer of concrete and placement of reinforcing steel.

5. Additional concrete being applies. Concrete has a green dye or pigment so color is consistent all the way through.

7. Forms are being removed from the fresh concrete. Exposed surfaces get a steel trowel finish.

6. Concrete has been tapped down to assure no air pockets and threshold starting to take form.

8. Concrete has cured in less than 45 min and will be ready to walk on in an hour from mixing concrete threshold is finished and ready to walk on.

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