One soaked fence, one protective hat – problem solved

Custom fence solutions, from your friendly Pasadena neighborhood construction company

Sometimes, what can seem like an insoluble problem can have a fairly easy and extremely cost-effective fix. This turned out to be the case when a customer contacted our team here at Grueter Construction about the beautiful redwood fence on their property.

The problem was that, when it rained, the water was working its way into the wood. The result was that their magnificent custom fence had turned a touch dishevelled – just like you might if you were frequently left to stand out in the rain!

The customer’s initial worry was that a whole new fence would need to be put in place, and that’s certainly not an inexpensive course of action. Which is where the ‘hat’ comes in – just as it would for you if you were heading out into a rainy day.

In this case, the ‘hat’ was a sheet metal cap along the top of the entire length of their fence. This then directs the majority of the rainwater away from the fence and straight onto the ground. Of course, it will still get hit by some rain on windy or stormy days, but with many less extensive soakings than before.

Hat in place, it was time to apply the ‘makeup’. In this case we gave the beautiful redwood a thorough painting and it looked almost like a new custom fence again! It’s now good to go into its second lease of life and should stand proud for years to come.

You can see for yourself in this video; and if Grueter Construction might help you with a similar problem, just give us a call on 626-798-9525.

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