Mullions, muntins and perfectly framed!

Perfectly framed, by your friendly Pasadena neighborhood construction company

Great craft words these are – we’ll talk more about them shortly, and you’ll see a full explanation in this terrific video. It’s a prime example of the efforts we always make to match the style and substance in your home.

We have a terrific and dedicated team here at Grueter Construction, and when you watch this video you’ll meet one of them, and appreciate the extra efforts we make to get end results that are just what our client is looking for.

In this case, we are working to restore the eves on the first and second floors of a craftsman home down on California Boulevard. The sample you’ll see was created in-house simply because it’s difficult to find an exact match to the wood sash sticking style or coping that was used in older homes.

Therefore we created a sample for the client, who really loved it. Using this as a basis for crafting the doors themselves, this sample is available for you to view when you visit us here at Grueter Construction. Where we can, we work with and support local door companies; if they don’t stock exactly what we need, as in this case, then we craft it ourselves.

Now, as promised, a few words about a couple of terms we use: mullions and muntins. These are ways of dividing up the glass in your door into the style you wish. If you watch the video now, you’ll see an example.

After watching it, if you feel Grueter Construction could be of assistance in remodeling your home, or it’s raised any questions in your mind, please call our friendly experts on 626-798-9525.

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