No shelf too small or quirky!

No job is too small for your friendly Pasadena neighborhood construction company

OK – that may not be the best suggestion if we were looking for a new business slogan, but it does tell you something of what we are about here at Grueter Construction. Yes, we’re lucky enough to be asked to be part of major home reconstruction projects across the state from our base here in Altadena. But, you know, like golfers who target the majors, but truly enjoy playing in some of the less high-profile tournaments as well, our team just love it when we are asked to undertake a small job that gives us the chance to do something unique.

This video shows a great example. Our client had asked for a truly eclectic shelf design for their home, and our brilliant cabinet maker, Robert Romero, went to work to produce this truly beautifully-crafted shelf and corbels result. He chose cherry wood for its close grain, and porous properties, making it really receptive to staining, and then easier to keep clean compared to some wide-pore alternative woods such as oak.

Please take a moment or two to have a look for yourself; the story is told in this short video. After you’ve viewed it, and remembering that we just love the small jobs that other companies may turn away from, call Grueter Construction on 626-798-9525 and simply tell us what you are looking for. Joe Grueter has more than 35 years’ experience in all forms of carpentry, and he just loves to get his head round those ‘different’ jobs!

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