Where do you scratch your back?

No job is too custom or innovative for your friendly Pasadena neighborhood construction company

We don’t mean high up or low down, to the left or right. We’re talking geographical location here. Joe, here at Grueter Construction, already has a handy and home-made back scratcher available when needed in his office, and naturally, another at home for those relaxing scratches. But what to do when he was on the move?

A serious problem you might think – but check out our latest video and see how easily he solved it. We should warn you; this is the guy who, as a kid, performed a range of wooden construction projects on his own Stingray bike! He calls himself a ‘hands-on contractor’ and you’ll soon recognize that this was a form of behavior which certainly began in childhood.

Now, all this might seem a touch whimsical, because it is. But there’s also a serious point behind it. All the team here at Grueter Construction love to come up against a challenge – and it doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small, commonplace or back and head scratchingly unusual. You could say that this company is wood-based solutionists, but that sounds like the kind of act that would put on a show in nightclubs!

Anyway, do please watch the video, and if it leads you to think of a part of your life where skilled wood craftsmen could help you make a difference, the simple first step is to call our friendly and ready-to-help team. The number to call is 626-798-9525; you know all our team can never forget it – you could almost say it’s ingrained in their consciousness…
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