Truly an ace in any deck

All about lifetime decks, from your friendly Pasadena neighborhood construction company

We’re not playing cards here, but we are talking about an important deck. It’s the one at your home, the place where so much of family life, and the entertaining of friends, is carried out. If you’ve ever noticed a deck that seems to have seen better days, it’s not usually an attractive sight. Whether faded or marked, damaged or unkempt, it doesn’t make you want to spend much time there – and certainly not have young kids crawling around on it.

Here at Grueter Construction, we offer a lifetime decking option. It’s one that should need no more than a coat of paint from time to time to keep it looking good and fully functional. It manages to fight off everything from high heels to foul weather, it doesn’t attract or reflect the heat on those warm Californian days, and is as impervious to water as a speedboat or surfboard. It’s also simple to repair if damaged by an unlikely event, such as falling space debris or a stray entrant from the county ax-throwing championships!

This terrific product is available in a wide range of finishes and colors, to best match the style and ambiance of your property. Installing it, the Grueter team follow a simple five-step process – and you can learn all about it by taking just over two minutes out of your busy day or quiet evening to enjoy this video.

Then, if you’d like to find out even more about how to add this decking to your property, call us on 626-798-9525 for an obligation-free discussion.

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