Well, the boss calls it a bubble bath…

A unique solution, from your friendly Pasadena neighborhood construction company

…as you’ll see from this video. Officially, it’s an outdoor spa and bath tub, and in this case, there was a tiny problem. Literally so. The access panel was too small to allow the owners proper access to the internal workings. This is the kind of task that many companies aren’t interested in as a job. It’s also an example of not really finishing a project off properly; here at Grueter Construction we pride ourselves on an A-Z approach, making sure everything than can and should be done for a project is properly and professionally completed before we sign off on it.

Often the solution is simple and takes only a little time to effect. Here for example, we carried out work which could be titled ‘Providing a bigger entrance’ – because that’s just what we did. A larger door, with proper flashing around it, and magnetic catches to keep it in place, allowed the owners to access the plug, plumbing and motor for any maintenance work.

Incidentally, after you’ve watched the video, if you check out our earlier blog: ‘One soaked fence, one protective hat – problem solved’, you’ll find a second video highlighting another piece of innovative thinking that was of great value to the same client.

Here at Grueter Construction, we all love coming up with workable answers to problems in or around the home. So, if there’s something you need, whether a large project or small solution, take a moment to call us on 626-798-9525. And if you hear a whirring sound, it will either be the team hard at work on our equipment, or our brains considering the possibilities!

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